Fun Fact Friday: Safety First

first dayAt Jordan School District our Risk Management or Insurance Departments have a monumental job. These departments are charged with going school-to-school to review accidents, injuries, or insurance claims to ensure that we have the safest environment possible for our students. They constantly review reports from schools to see if they can pinpoint risk factors at individual schools. They develop safe guidelines and prevention programs to minimize physical and financial impact of injury on an individual, family, school and community. Simply put, if they find a problem, they stop it, fix it, or modify it. We are very appreciative of these dedicated employees who work hard to keep students and staff safe, thereby saving the District and its taxpayer’s money.

Safety First Facts:

  • School injuries peak in the 6th and 8th grade, then decline among high school students.
  • The top five most common reported injuries in Jordan School District are:
    22% Broken Bones
    20% Bump/Bruise
    17% Cut/Laceration
    15% Pain/Tenderness
    9% Possible Concussion


Happy Halloween!

IMG_0616Classrooms were filled with creative costumes as students, teachers, even principals dressed up and had some fun for Halloween. At many elementary schools, parents and other family members showed up for some pretty impressive Halloween parades. There were little girls dressed as Elsa, Mini Mouse, little witches and Ute cheerleaders. For the boys, Ninja’s, Batman, Captain America, even a Headless Horseman showed up. Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page of the spooktacular moments in some of our schools.

Jordan Hills Teacher is a Hero

IMG_0595Patricia Armacost was not only a teacher on Tuesday, Oct. 28, but also a hero. She noticed a boy in her class seemed to not be breathing very well. That boy was third-grade student Gavin Alldredge. He had been snacking on a Jolly Rancher when he started to choke on the candy. Patricia performed the Heimlich maneuver on Gavin, and saved his life.

Other teachers from Jordan Hills have said that Patricia has always done heroic things. She may not save a life everyday, but she does smaller things that may be equally important to others.

Brothers Drive for Success

IMG_0588Dallin and Spencer Orton are brothers, Bingham High graduates and both are Jordan School District bus drivers. They drive for the love of children and education. Spencer wants to be a teacher and Dallin’s dream is to be a school administrator. Driving bus keeps them close to the careers they are working toward, while helping them pay for the education they need to get there.

What Drives You? Join these brothers and drive a Jordan school bus.