Fun Fact Friday: 5-Year Construction Plan

The Board of Education, working in collaboration with our cities, has approved a draft 5-year building construction plan. This plan is tentative and may change as the district continues to review student-housing needs. The costs are estimates and will change once official bids are received. We appreciate our community partners and their input as we plan for the needs of our growing school district.Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.52.00 PM

Classrooms Filled and Ready for a Fun and Successful School Year

DSCN5042Our year-round students arrived five weeks ago and now its back to the books for all traditional calendar students. For students entering first-grade or those attending a new school, this is always an exciting and emotional time. The same is true for parents who send their little, and not-so-little ones off on a new journey for the 2015-16 school year. We hope this year brings great success academically and in extracurricular activities for students throughout the District. Our teachers, support staff and administrators are excited to help every child achieve at his or her highest level. Enjoy a photo gallery of Superintendent Johnson visiting schools and students arriving for the first day on our Facebook page.

Big Day for Jordan School District’s Class of 2021

11260816_1024650644219979_327696534232662297_nIt was a day filled with excitement, making their way around a new school, new friends and figuring out the combination on a new locker. Jordan School District’s class of 2021 headed to school for 7th-grade orientation today. They met their new principals and found their way from classroom to classroom before the rest of the student body arrives. Some students were even greeted with high fives by Superintendent Johnson. The class of 2021 looks like it’s going to be a large one. At Sunset Ridge Middle alone, it is the biggest 7th-grade class ever with a total 563 students. At Fort Herriman the class is 550 and Copper Mountain has 500 7th-graders this year. Good luck to everyone on a safe and successful school year. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.

Fun Fact Friday: Healthy and Homemade


As far as we know, Jordan is the only school district in the state that is still striving to create new, from-scratch snack recipes for our students, which meet all of the federal nutrition guidelines.  Most districts have begun providing commercially produced snacks that meet these new standards. It takes a commitment to providing our students with fresh, homemade food, a lot of patience and fine-tuning until you get to the right recipe!

Our Nutrition Services Department has created a new, from-scratch sugar cookie and snicker doodle that will be available in our cafeterias this year. These great cookies also meet the stringent federal guidelines and best of all, they will only cost students $0.25.

Our team focused on quality as they fine-tuned and experimented their way through 16 different recipes to get to the right one. Some of the challenges included creating a snack that was whole grain rich (51% whole wheat), less than 200 calories and that has less than 35% of its total weight from sugar (this is the hardest criteria to meet in any sweet treat).

Once all of these have been passed, the snacks still had to pass “the Peggy test.” The snacks had to have the right texture and taste. Way to go Nutrition Services and kudos to the persistence of Nutrition Services Coordinator Peggy Christensen and her hours spent in front of the oven!

Peggy (L) and Cyd (R) providing great treats and more!

Peggy (L) and Cyd (R) providing great treats and more!